The constitution debate where Mr Ruto announced his expectations for expected amendments, aides hope will help him take control of the national political narrative now that his movements have been greatly curtailed.

The DP used the London occasion to register his disagreement with the proposal for re-introduction of the prime ministers position.


“The national government should be reconfigured to comprise the National Executive (headed by the President) and the official opposition (headed by the leader of the party or coalition of parties whose presidential candidate wins the second highest votes). I further propose that with the leader of opposition taking leadership of the opposition in parliament, the DP should then take over the leadership of government business in Parliament,” he said.

And to buttress his points on the Constitution amendment, the DP is now planning to have meetings in various public universities across the country where he will engage students.

“You will see the DP more and more meeting university students across the country in their own universities. This will help connect with them and answer all burning questions that may crop up,” said a source.

In this Jubilee’s second term, Mr Ruto has intensified his diplomatic mission that insiders say is part of a broader strategy to enhance his international image ahead of the 2022 elections.

In the last six months alone, publicly available information indicates Mr Ruto has so far held 13 high-profile meetings.

Ruto has publicly announced to be President Kenyatta's successor amid intense criticism by politicians eyeing the same seat.

The DP has said that the diplomatic engagements will open business opportunities and build a lasting relationship between Kenya and foreign countries.

“Kenya is ripe for investment, we urge our nationals in the diaspora to seize opportunities back home and repatriate their expertise to advance economic progress,” Mr Ruto said during a recent trip in Rome, Italy.

Key handlers said it is part of the three-level strategies to reach out to diaspora as well as push for global acceptance. The strategy focuses on building his profile abroad to counter Mr Odinga and Mr Musalia Mudavadi.

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