In Summary
  • Mishi Mboko won the Likoni parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket.
  • In Taita Taveta, outgoing Senator Dan Mwazo lost the battle to be governor to Granton Samboja.

The Tuesday General Election was a punch in the face of some of the seasoned politicians at the Coast.

In Mombasa, Mr Masoud Mwahima lost his bid to defend the Likoni parliamentary seat.

Mr Mwahima, who was elected on an ODM ticket in 2007, had defected to Jubilee Party whose ticket he used to vie for the seat.

Another politician is Suleiman Shakombo whose dream of recapturing the Likoni parliamentary seat on a Wiper ticket was snuffed out.

Both Mr Mwahima and Mr Shakombo were felled by outgoing Woman representative Mishi Mboko who got 27,075 votes against Mr Mwahima’s 14,505.


Mr Mwahima has however opposed the results saying the election was marked by anomalies.

In Kwale, the current Kinango MP Samuel Gonzi Rai was rejected by the electorate.

Mr Rai, who vied on a Jubilee ticket lost to ODM’s Benjamin Dalu Tayari who garnered 37,081 votes against the incumbent’s 18,646 votes.

Mr Rai was the area MP from 1992-1997, when he lost to Simeon Mwero; but was able to recapture it in 2002 and defend it in 2007 on a Ford People party ticket.

He has also protested the outcome but said he will not pursue the available legal avenues.

"I think however that there was unfairness in the voting process.

"I think I received more votes than in all previous elections and I believe something wrong may have occurred during the process," he said Saturday.

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