He has also questioned the difference in the number of voters captured in the Kiems kits and those captured in Form 35A.

Electoral commission lawyer Issa Mansur, while defending Mr Duale’s win, said the petitioner has failed to demonstrate that the election did not meet legal thresholds.


The Garissa MP denied influencing the appointments of the presiding officers and their deputies. Instead, he said it was his rival who had sent a list of persons he wanted to be considered for appointment.

Mr Duale also said there was no evidence that he campaigned on the election day as alleged.

Mr Ahmednasir told the court that the campaigns ended on Saturday, August 5, 2017 and no one adduced evidence on behalf of the petitioner that she or he was an agent and was ejected from any polling station as claimed by Mr Maalim.

The court will give its judgment on February 27.

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