During a tour of Masinga on Wednesday, the three governors said they will lead the community in a different political direction.

The governors accused Mr Musyoka of stoking rebellion in the county assemblies, an accusation the MPs denied saying the party leader has been at the forefront in brokering peace.

“Mr Musyoka has attempted to broker peace in the County Assembly of Kitui between the MCAs and the governor but she scuttled the efforts,” said Mr Mbui who called on them (MCAs) to continue with their oversight role.

“The governor has roles and the MCAs have their roles too. They are doing their duty. In fact, they should step up the fight. The governors should brace themselves to be held accountable,” said the Kathiani legislator.

The MPs accused the governors of being ungrateful for invoking the name of the party leader to be elected in the 2017 elections and turning against him for ‘selfish interests’ over the 2022 elections.

Mr Mulyungi called the three governors political opportunists who left their parties to use Kalonzo's name to win their political seats.

"We want to tell them that Mr Musyoka has an automatic backing of Ukambani and he is a national presidential candidate. It is unfortunate that the governor has recruited the other two into an evil scheme to divide the community ahead of 2022 election to deny Mr Musyoka a chance of getting to State House," said Mr Wambua.​

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