“Fund raisers have helped a lot of people in Kenya and we cannot be done away with simply because some individuals imagine that the money being given is obtained by corrupt means,” said Mr Dahood who added that the motion was doomed to fail.

“You cannot purport to stop people from contributing in churches simply because you think politicians are giving money from the proceeds of corruption. The church is not only for politicians and such a legislation, if passed, would affect everybody,” the MP added.

Mr Kirima said those proposing that church contributions should be limited to stop interfering with church activities.


“Each individual gives money in church according to how he has been blessed. If one has Sh10 million and wants to give out Sh5 million, why stop them? If another one wants to build the entire church, you cannot stop him on claims that the money is got through corruption,” Mr Kirima said.

Mr Mbadi has however denied targeting Dr Ruto. The Suba South MP has said that the motion does not target individuals, but seeks to enhance accountability among public officers.

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