In Summary
  • The Constitution and the standing orders provide that at least 50 members must be present in the chamber for any parliamentary business to proceed.
  • Not even a quorum bell that went on for 15 minutes to alert the members would raise the required numbers.
  • Interestingly, the few who were in the debating chamber would be seen leaving as they retreated to the parliament lounge to take tea.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has disputed claims by members of Parliament that they were not given enough time to prepare to discuss President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposal to repeal the law capping interest rates.

At the time the matter was considered on Tuesday, only 161 of the 349 MPs were in the House. At least 233 were needed to veto the President’s proposal.

Although the MPs came out to play claim that they were not given enough time to plan, it has now emerged that 270 of them were in the chamber, according to the House biometric register and the login system.

“With regard to the number of members who attended yesterday’s sitting, I can confirm that the biometric register and the electronic login system indicates that not less than 270 were present at that sitting, coming in at different times,” the Speaker said.

“The House is, accordingly, guided and the general public should know the truth,” Mr Muturi added.


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