The MCA-elect said the campaign period was rough as some locals in the patriarchal society dismissed her saying she could not be elected because she was an unmarried woman.


“I soldiered on despite the discouragements, focussing more on daily house-to-house campaigns while my campaigners focussed on public rallies,” she said.

A total of six ladies (four from Jubilee Party and two independent) were elected to the Nandi County Assembly while men scooped the remaining 24 slots.

In Aldai Constituency, Nancy Chemutai, a former radio journalist was elected to represent Kobujoi ward on a Jubilee Party ticket while Magdaline Cheptoo, an independent candidate, scooped the Koyo-Ndurio ward seat.

Other ladies who won the county assembly elective seats in the region were Milka Jerobon (Jubilee party) in Kipkaren ward, Rael Jeptoo (Jubilee party) in Kapsimotwo ward and Jostine Chepnyango (Jubilee party) in Songhor/Soba ward.


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