Nasa has stated that it will not recognise President Kenyatta’s government and the formation of the committee is seen as an escalation of the political war between the two sides over the manner the two presidential elections were conducted.

Part of the mandate of the committee, believed to be headed by Dr Ndii, is to develop plans on how to reinforce Nasa’s defiance against President Kenyatta’s rule and push for either a fresh election or secession through a “people’s assembly”.


This defiance also includes boycott of some goods and services of entities Nasa believes sided with the Jubilee Party in the last two presidential elections.

Other members of the committee are Ms Judy Sijeny, Ms Hamida Kibwana, Dr Mutakha Kangu, Mr Oduor Ong’wen, Mr Koitamet ole Kina and Mr Peter Mathuki.

On Monday, a source within the committee said Dr Ndii’s arrest would not deter the committee from delivering on its mandate. 

“We will continue with our work despite the arrest of Dr Ndii, he is still an important member and we value his contribution to our course,” said the source. “We are on a mission to liberate this country and not even the arrest of one of us will cow us.”

Mr Odinga is set to give the committee further direction in the light of the arrest of one of the coalition’s key strategists.

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