ODM leader Raila Odinga has faulted lawmakers and ward reps inclination to leave their counties and going to perform their duties in other counties in order to earn allowances.

He said this penchant contributes in denying the citizens benefits that devolution was intended for.

Mr Odinga, at the same time, warned that if there is no seeming solution to the budget impasse at the Taita Taveta County Assembly, then there will be no choice but to go for an election.

Mr Odinga, who spoke at his office, said that negotiation must first be sought to find the solution between the warring parties in Taita Taveta.

“The MCAs and the governor should first seek dialogue to address this issue affecting the county. If the leaders cannot sit down and dialogue, then an election would be the only viable solution to the stalemate,” Mr Odinga said.

Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja had already signed a memorandum to dissolve the county government in a move prompted by wrangles over Sh830 million that the members of the county assembly allocated themselves through the Ward Development Fund.

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