“I think he needs an adviser on devolution, political issues and citizen’s engagement and participation,” said the Team executive director.

He said Mr Ranguma’s absence from the debate could have far reaching consequences on his re-election “being that the middle class who watch such debates are capable of influencing voters to cast their votes otherwise.”

Ms Otieno of who participated in the live debate on KTN dubbed; Kivumbi 2017 accused Mr Ranguma of lacking answers and good account of devolved resources in the County.


“I feel that maybe he (Ranguma) could not account for the devolved resources over the past four years to his audience to warrant him request publicly for a second term,” she said.

Mr Wayiera said the Governor failed to demonstrate leadership by absconding the public debate.

“It was quite wrong to confirm attendance only to fail to show up in the last minute. The people of Kisumu need services and accountability and that forum provided an opportunity for the incumbent to show his scorecard and candidates to present their manifesto,” added Mr Wayiera.

Kisumu based Lawyer Edris Omondi said: “You can run but you cannot not hide. Ranguma absconded a national public debate, a social audit mechanism on advice from his cartels, that Kenyans forget very fast, Luo's don't forget, we demand accountability of his tenure for the last five years.”


Last Month, at a public debate organized by Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Mr Ranguma faced off with Prof Nyong’o where they clashed over underdevelopment of the County.

Corruption, poor service delivery and lack of proper structures to spur devolution marred the debate, with Prof Nyong’o stating that he will “jail those who have stolen public funds” if he becomes the Governor.

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