“No one is losing any bodyguard. It is just a restructuring that is happening as per the recent police reorganisation where the Administration Police Service have been given the mandate of VIP protection,” he said.


Mr Waititu and Mr Ichung’wa both hail from President Kenyatta’s Kiambu backyard, but they have proved to be hardnosed and unrepentant supporters of the DP.

It is these two leaders who are believed to have been the masked faces that planned the recent demonstration in Kiambaa Constituency where a group of placard-waving youths, clad in yellow T-shirts, pledged their support for the DP in 2022.

This infuriated the President’s handlers who interpreted the demonstration as a scheme by the two politicians to challenge the President for the control politics in the county ahead of 2022.

This has not gone done well with Uhuru-allied MPs, who believe that the daring scheme was to portray the President as a lame duck, and that Kiambu County, and by extension central Kenya, was firmly in the grip of the Deputy President.

On the other hand, sources reveal that the President has grown highly disenchanted with the MPs over what he considers open defiance of his rule and support for everything he eschews.


Ms Jumwa, who also serves as a Parliamentary Service Commission member and therefore enjoys the services of extra bodyguards and a chase car, told the government to reinstate her security unconditionally since it is her right.

“I am demanding back my security detail. It is my right to have security, and the move is contravening my constitutional right," she said on phone.

Speaking in an interview in Mombasa, Kaloleni MP Paul Katana said the action is primitive, and urged Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai to immediately reinstate the bodyguards.

“My colleague Aisha Jumwa, the Malindi MP, told me this morning that her security had been withdrawn and it later emerged that several legislators had also faced the same fate,” he said.

The MP said the lawmakers are legally entitled to protection from the government, arguing that it is not a favour to get police protection.

“Who knows, these MPs might have wronged some people and that is why it is prudent to give them security. It is in fact a constitutional matter and not a privilege.

“The government must come out clear and tell Kenyans what criteria was used to withdraw them,” Mr Katana said.


The Kaloleni legislator read malice in the whole move and asked the Inspector General to make sure the decision is reversed.

“What is amazing is that the legislators whose security guards have been withdrawn are in our team supporting Deputy President William Ruto. So, we are reading malice in the whole matter. Unless the IG comes clear and tells Kenyans what has transpired, we shall look at it as a political move.

"The IG, whom we recently approved [for appointment], must not be sucked into political wars,” he said.

A spot check by the Sunday Nation shows that while Mr Owino insists the procedure was being undertaken among all the MPs, the majority of the lawmakers including those from the opposition, what used to be Nasa coalition, are not affected, at least so far.

Kipkelion West MP Hillary Koskei said he is not aware of the move as he confirmed that his bodyguards have not been withdrawn.

“Security is not given to MPs on political allegiance but upon election,” he said.


Laikipia Women Representative Catherine Waruguru, another vocal defender of Dr Ruto, said to have been affected, neither confirmed nor denied the move but directed us to seek for more information from the Ministry of Interior.

“Feel free to write to the ministry and enquire,” Ms Waruguru said in a text message.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro said on phone: “I don’t need them because they are not necessary to me. I have a black belt in taekwondo; try me and you will see.”

Reporting by Ibrahim Oruko, Samuel Baya, Samwel Owino and Charles Lwanga

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