In Summary
  • Mr Ruto said on Sunday that all Kenyans should unite for development and that divisive politics is the enemy.
  • While launching a water project at Ziwa la Ngombe, he reiterated that Kenya only be changed through development.

  • Mr Ali said the only Constitution the people should abide by "is the one that leads us to the same path despite our religious and tribal differences".

Deputy President (DP) William Ruto has asked politicians to shun divisive politics and Kenyans to support the government's development efforts.

Mr Ruto said on Sunday that all Kenyans should unite for development.


Speaking after a church service at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Kongowea, the deputy president said divisive politics is an enemy of development.

"Let us be one and build Kenya for our own good. Kenyans are people from different parties, religions and tribes. We are all one ... we were created by one God," he said. "Our aim is to bring Kenyans together "

The DP said his tours of the Coast are aimed at increasing development in the region. He promised that the government will implement more projects in the region.

"We have gone round launching projects since landing in the region. We will have power fixed, roads made and water installed," Mr Ruto said at the church where he donated Sh2 million for its expansion.

He said that plans for the construction of Mwache and Mzima 2 water projects were completed so the work will begin in October.

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