Speaking on Wednesday after attending a Nasa parliamentary group meeting at the Okoa Kenya offices in Nairobi, Mr Wetang’ula backed his leader.


“Nasa wishes to inform Kenyans that there will be no polls if the concerns raised in our petition are not met,” said the Ford-Kenya party leader. “We will not only boycott the elections, but we will also not allow an election that does not meet the constitutional threshold.”

The Bungoma senator added: “We will not participate in any election that is a ritual to come up with computer-generated leaders. No accountability, no elections.”

Mr Odinga declined to comment on whether he would call for mass demonstrations should the IEBC not address their concerns, only saying: “We will deal with that when time comes.”

But, in Nakuru , President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto said they were ready for the elections and asked Nasa to stop issuing unnecessary demands.

They chided the Opposition for holding press conferences in Nairobi instead of campaigning.


“We have already hit the ground while our colleagues in the Opposition are still wasting their energies issuing statements in press conferences in Nairobi,” said President Kenyatta. “We are ready for the polls. This is why we have embarked on campaigns.”

Addressing Nakuru residents at Free Area, the president castigated Nasa leaders for “continuously antagonising Kenyans” who want to move on with their day-to-day activities, saying elections should not derail the development agenda of the country.

He urged the Opposition to allow Kenyans to make the final decision on who will be their president by taking part in the elections.

“Let us go to the people, who will say the truth through the ballot box on October 17,” said President Kenyatta. “They are the final decision-makers.”


He said the Opposition had nothing new to offer Kenyans, adding: “They know we will beat them; that is why they are now claiming that they will not participate in the October polls.”

Meanwhile, as Jubilee and Nasa wrangled, the IEBC, which handed the two parties its plan for the poll, was training county election managers — an indication that they have begun preparations for October 17.

The commission’s CEO, Mr Ezra Chiloba, confirmed that they had invited Nasa for talks at 8am Thursday.

“How do they send a letter asking for a meeting just a day after we came to their offices but they were not ready to meet us?,” wondered Mr Wetang’ula and stated: “This is the State capture we have been talking about. We will meet them when we are ready.”

In its nine-page memorandum, Nasa also wants printing of the ballot papers not done by Dubai’s Al-Ghurair, which was contracted in the August 8 elections.

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