He said the Anglican Church will also rethink the matter of letting politicians hold fundraisers in sanctuaries.


There have been concerns about churches receiving money said to be proceeds of corruption and money laundering during fundraisers.

“If you are to come to worship, come with your resources. And let us, as the church, also learn to mobilise resources for our development agenda and do it quietly, not with the hype that takes us off the pulpit. Let us not allow harambee money to become a subtle way of sanitising corrupt leaders,” he said.

Archbishop Sapit’s remarks came hot in the heels of a bishop from the church slamming leaders who have been castigating churches for accepting donations from politicians.

Bishop Timothy Gichere of the ACK Mt Kenya Central Diocese said they would continue receiving the money until the courts declared the politicians corrupt.

“When leaders come to church and contribute money with clean hearts, we can’t decline because we are not in a position to know if the money is from corruption," he said at the Murang’a GK Prison.

“We are not there to rebuke and label people as corrupt because that is the obligation of the courts. Let the judicial process go on without the politicisation of the war on graft so the culprits are arrested and charged.”

At the same time, Bishop Omae urged the government to stay away from spiritual matters.

“Spiritual matters cannot be regulated by the government and any attempt will fail,” he said.

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