In Summary
  • John Walubengo, a 24-year-old candidate for ward rep for Turwan in Trans Nzoia, has caught the attention of many.
  • He makes his trips in Tuwan ward atop a cart pulled by three donkeys.

For some political candidates, there is no better way to make a grand entry during campaigns than to use sleek vehicles or even choppers. But not for John Walubengo.

The 24-year-old, a candidate for member of the county assembly for Tuwan in Trans Nzoia, has caught the attention of many with his unique way of campaigning. He makes his trips on a cart pulled by three donkeys.

Mr Walubengo, a member of Ukweli Party, has been the talk of Kitale and has received criticism and praise in equal measure.

Saturday was business as usual with boda-boda riders trailing him as he addressed a crowd that milled around his cart which is decorated with his campaign posters.


Mr Walubengo, a former matatu conductor, told the Nation that he decided to use the cart because of financial constraints.

“I cannot afford to purchase a vehicle nor hire one that is why I chose to use three donkeys which are cheaper,” said Mr Walubengo, who sees his means of transport as an advantage as he can reach more voters.

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