“…. in the last four years, we have added more than 2 million homes to the electricity grid. Our streets have been made safer by the street-lighting programme. Our efforts have ensured that 23,000 primary schools across the country have electricity.  …60,000 public facilities – just under 70 per cent of the total, most in rural areas – are connected to electricity.

  - President Uhuru Kenyatta, Madaraka Day Speech in Nyeri, June 1, 2017

Has Kenya Power added more than two million homes to the electricity grid?

The number of new customers connected under the Rural Electrification Programme more than doubled to 972,018 customers as at July 2016 from 453,544 July 2013, according to the Economic Surveys 2015-2017.

A record 1,278,469 new customers were connected to electricity in the financial year 2015/2016, up from 843,899 new connections the previous fiscal year, according to the Kenya Power and Lighting (KLPC) Annual Report as at end of June 2016 and its five year strategic plan.  This means that more than two million users were connected within the two years. 

KPLC says the 2015/2016 connections expanded the total connection to 4,890,373 including 7,402 public primary schools metered by the company under the national public schools electrification programme implemented in conjunction with the Rural Electrification Authority (REA).  The metered primary schools brought the cumulative connections to 18,793.

Since January this year, the company claims on its website that it made about 570,041 new connections bringing the global connected figure over 6,075,724 connections. This means that 615,310 connections happened between July and December last year.

The KPLC data does not differentiate between commercial/industrial and connections to homes.


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