Raila Odinga says two million extra ballots papers were printed, in the 2013 general election, marked in favour of the then The Nation Alliance (TNA) presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta, and stuffed at Kenyatta University. 

He also says the electronic system was shut down to facilitate the counting of the stuffed ballots.

This is not a new claim. Mr Odinga made it in late 2016, according to news reports found in the Daily Nation and The Star. At the time, he was pushing to have the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) leadership replaced.

According to Mr Odinga, there were 12 million votes for President and only 10 million votes for each of the other five electoral positions (Member of National Assembly, Women Representative, Senator, Governor and County Assembly Ward Representative (MCA)).  Those reports are not available to the public.

That is contradicted by the IEBC certified results which say there were 12 million votes cast for all positions.   A total of 12,221,053 votes was cast for the Presidency, which was 26,491 or 0.2 per cent more than for members of the national assembly.

That was the smallest gap between votes cast for the presidency and another elective position.

Votes cast for the Presidency were 164,030 or 1.3 per cent more than those cast for members of the county assembly, which was the largest gap between the Presidency and another elected position.

The big two million difference in votes between the presidency and other elective positions is not in evidence.

According to Mr Odinga, without this interference, he would have garnered 5.8 million votes, while Jubilee would have received 4.7million. However, without a breakdown by constituency, this is impossible to verify.