Can you access 31 government services on your mobile phone?

 “…They’ve also told us that they want to digitize government. Hussein (TV host), today on your phone you can access 31 government services…”


Deputy Ruto during an Interview on Sunday Live, on July 2, 2017

In an interview on Citizen TV Deputy President William Ruto accused the National Super Alliance of pledging to digitise government, yet the Jubilee government had already done that.

The Nasa Coalition in its manifesto pledges to “modernise all registries and administrative services, streamline processes, cut bureaucracy and instill a customer service culture.”

In its manifesto implementation document it also pledges to “avail a unified integrated digital system that captures every citizen’s information from birth and transits the data for national identification, passport issuance and voter registration.”

In March 11, 2015, President Kenyatta launched the Integrated Population Registration System, which was for the purpose of consolidating births, deaths, marriages, divorce, passport and identification information for the purpose of enhancing efficiency in accessing information, and also for this information to be used by various state agencies.

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