Does the Nasa manifesto offer a solution regarding the unga shortage?


“…My old man started talking about unga (Raila Odinga). I was waiting for him to give me a solution regarding unga. I didn’t see his solution. Did you see it? We have gone through his manifesto, there is nothing they have said…”

 -  President Uhuru Kenyatta during a Rally at Kutus, Kirinyaga County on June 28

In its manifesto, the National Super Alliance (Nasa) pledges to increase maize yields from 8.5 to 12.5 bags per acre. The increase of four bags would translate to 18 million bags.

In 2016 Kenyans consumed 29.3 million 90kg bags of maize, which is equivalent to 2.4 million bags monthly, according to the 2017 Economic Survey.

Nasa also pledges to improve dry land agriculture through water harvesting and small scale irrigation, and to expand and commercialise the rearing of small stock (poultry, sheep, goats and pigs) as an easy way to lift subsistence farmers out of poverty.

The coalition also pledges to lower the cost and improve access to agricultural inputs through a number of measures. These include strengthening farmer organisation and transferring to them the roles of input distribution currently carried out by government, facilitate import of grain for manufacture of animal feed, and increase the multiplication of certified seeds and fast track the certification of new varieties.

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