Was the Sh791 million stolen from NYS recovered?

“Let’s start with the Sh791 (million), are you aware that it’s been recovered? It’s been in the papers but nobody cares to think about it. It was traced to bank accounts, to individuals, and it was recovered, by the asset recovery agencies… This is the first time in this country that money stolen from government has been recovered…”

-        Kirinyaga County Gubernatorial Candidate  Anne Waiguru JKL Show interview on May 31

According to a report by Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC), former Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, Anne Waiguru,was responsible for the entire loss of public funds at the ministry during her tenure by her failure to exercise leadership effectively.

The committee concluded that the theft was well orchestrated and recommended that Ms Waiguru “be barred from holding public office, if found guilty after due process, in light of her overall leadership failures at the ministry.”

In 2016, a special audit of the National Youth Service  accounts by the Auditor General revealed an elaborate scheme to defraud taxpayers that led to the loss of Sh1.9 billion and an attempted theft of Sh695 million.

The losses could have been worse than what the Auditor General uncovered, according to a report on the special audit by the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

The report, that was released in March this year, states that up to Sh23billion may have been misappropriated, and needs to be further investigated by the DCI  and the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission(EACC). Of that sum, slightly over Sh10 billion is directly traceable to NYS.

In March last year, theEACC Chairman Phillip Kinusu, who has since left the commission, admitted that the commission had been wrong to clear the former Devolution CS. He told the National Assembly Justice and Legal Affairs Committee that the commission froze assets worth Sh500 million belonging to suspects in the Sh791.4 million NYS scandal.

The Asset Recovery Agency also went to court seeking to freeze assets connected to the scandal. What happens regarding recovered money and assets will be determined when court cases are concluded.


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