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  • Bellew said he was in receipt of the amended contract. “Everything is signed and done and the fight will go ahead…I have secured he biggest payday in her weight category’s history as far as women ae concerned,” claimed Bellew in a WhatsApp communication.
  • Imbenzi said they hope all goes well now with Zarika set to step up preparations.

The World Boxing Council (WBC) has said that anomalies that were in WBC super bantamweight champion Fatuma “Iron Fist” Zarika’s title fight contract have been rectified.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman noted that WBC has clear and specific rules governing their bouts adding that Zarika’s final contract now contains all the clarifications from both sides with the specific clauses.

Sulaiman said that the contract is now in the possession of Anthony Bellew, who is Zarika’s representative, for immediate execution.

Kenya Professional Boxing Commission had protested to WBC over the handling of Zarika’s title fight. KPBC President Reuben Ndolo demanded for proper negotiations involving Zarika with a proper contract signed before she can meet Mexican Yamileth "Yeimi" Mercado in a re-match bout slated for November 9, this year in Mexico.

Ndolo had noted that the contract sent to Zarika was full of errors especially on the purse she is to get yet she is being forced to sign it.

The contract availed by Zarika indicated in figures that she is to battle for $60,000 (Sh6 million) but the amount in words are $16,000 (Sh1.6 million).

“Yes, the contact had a mistake on words (sixteen instead of sixty) but there were also more important topics to clarify such as demanding five tickets in business class or demanding the courts of Kenya to rule over any matter,” said Sulaiman in a letter send to KPBC secretary general Franklin Imbenzi.

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