In Summary
  • Otieno added that he will cultivate good relationship with others sports federations especially Kenya Professional Boxing Commission and the National Olympic Committee of Kenya.
  • However, Otieno, who was elected Kisumu County chairman in a controversial process, called on the government to ensure that there is level playing field for all the contestants before the polls.

Who is Anthony “Jamal” Otieno?

Answer: I am a former heavyweight boxer, having boxed for Bahati Boxing Club. I am entrepreneur with interest in real estate, transport and petroleum industry. I also manage garbage collection at the Nairobi County government.

Q: Why have you decide to contest even with minimal boxing background.

Answer: I have seen boxing going down the drain for many years. What hurt most is that clubs lack basic facilities like boxing gloves, punching bags and the ring. We can’t go nowhere as a country without these. Boxers lack motivation and have nothing to look forward to be it in amateur or professional level.

My little background is not the issue since I have passion for the sport. I am ready to change the face of boxing in the country and change is inevitable. I manage River of God (RoG) public service vehicles in Nairobi and it’s quite evident how its astute management has managed transform matatu industry in Nairobi. We have the best conductors and drivers and many have emulated that.

Garbage collection has also improved in Nairobi. I intended to replica similar approach in boxing and for sure I will use my business links will to draw sponsorship into boxing, which will help fund the youth programs among others. Boxing is a vibrant sport that can’t lack sponsorship even for the league.

They say I have not been involved in boxing but my take is that those who were involved in the game before are the ones who have mismanaged the game. Kenya’s “Hit Squad” is now a laughing stock.

Q: What will be your first priority if elected BAK chairman?

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