His assistant, Ellynah Shiveka, has also expressed interest in defending her seat. The two were elected unopposed in 2013.

However, according to Nairobi Hockey Association (NHA) Secretary General Tom Olal, the coming week will see a number of candidates enter the race for various positions.

“I’m sure branches will field candidates in the national polls because people want change in the sport,” Olal said on Thursday.

Olal said he will contest the Secretary General’s post. He lost to Davinder Bharij in 2013 by four votes.

The six affiliates alongside KHU umpires will have two votes at the national polls. Life members will also have two votes during the exercise, leaving the candidates to vie for a total of 16 votes.

National polls had been scheduled for October 28 but were postponed due to the Africa Cup of Nations which were held In Ismailia, Egypt from October 22-29.

Some 10 positions will be up for grabs, among them chairman’s position, two vice chairpersons, Secretary General, vice secretary, match and fixtures secretary, match and fixtures vice secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer and public relations Officer.

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