In Summary
  • Tusker had intended to make double substitutions but in a bizarre twist of events ended up with 12 players on the pitch, at a time they were already leading the visitors 2-1.
  • Finally, we must demand for clear, convincing answers from the incompetent match officials who mismanaged the Sunday game.

Not once have I argued that for the Kenyan Premier League to make a leap from its semi-professional status to a fully-fledged professional league, operations must be streamlined and structures set in place that will work independently and devoid of influence of the ‘big man’ or from whichever quarter.

Rightly so, because it baffles any right thinking soul, how the Kenyan Premier League secretariat, a body that prides itself be running the most competitive league in the region, could still be dogged by minor issues such as referees selection and the twelfth man on the pitch.

In its sitting early last week, KPL and the football administrations Joint Executive Committee (JEC) made one of the most bizarre resolutions, when it bestowed the task of selecting referees for matches on the Chief Executives of the respective organisations viz-a-viz Jack Oguda and his federation counterpart.

“The Football administration and KPL CEO’s shall be responsible for the referee’s appointment for the remaining three rounds of matches for the 2014 season following the suspension of the Referees Appointment Committee,” read resolution one of the meeting.

As peculiar as it may sound, and even before the ink could dry on the resolution, their act of appointing incompetent or careless match officials had by last  Sunday handed them another trouble to deal with after the Tusker versus Muhoroni Youth match was prematurely called off in the 74th minute.


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