Team Kenya fan at the VIP box

The VIP lounge at the London Olympic Stadium is an interesting place to be in during these championships. There’s unlimited supply of free food and lots of alcohol. One inebriated British VIP, beer glass in hand, was seen dancing and singing Jambo bwana, habari gani, mzuri sana as Asbel Kiprop and Elijah Manangoi coasted through the 1,500m semis on Friday, probably to display his knowledge of Kenya to his VIP drinking mates…

Respect galore for Kenyans


Still on Kenya in London, the British hold huge respect for Kenyans as we have noticed right from security checks to bar counters and also at the media centre. “Jambo” they will greet us once they notice the name ‘Kenya’ on our accreditation tags. Interestingly, no-one is bothered about the Kenyan elections, but they all know quite a bit about our world-beating athletes who continue to shine here. This makes us proud to be Kenyan.

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