Athletics superstar Usain Bolt's last championship race ended in dramatic fashion as he collapsed injured on the track anchoring Jamaica's 4x100 metres relay in the world championship final.

Here AFP Sports picks out five of his best quotes and five about him since he first light up the championship track at the 2008 Beijing Olympics:

- What they said about him -

"There is no athlete that can compete with him... he's a global superstar." - Bolt's predecessor as an athletics superstar, Michael Johnson, whose 200 metres world record Bolt broke in the 2008 Olympic final.

"You can compare us as sprinters, but the thing I am most proud of is that I did multiple events and I long-jumped." - Damned with faint and grudging praise by American legend Carl Lewis who also cast aspersions as to the Jamaican doping system to which Bolt retorted: "Carl Lewis, I have no respect for him."

"He is an icon. He is the best sprinter of all time." - Former International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge, who was chided at the 2012 London Olympics for refusing to say he was a legend. Former Olympic yachtsman Rogge instead opted to nominate British yachting icon Ben Ainslie as his star of the Games.

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