14.35 - the world best Bolt set over 150 metres in Manchester, England, in 2009. He ran the final 100 metres in a startling 8.70sec, the fastest time ever recorded

19 - major global medals

19.19 - the world record he set for the 200m at the 2009 worlds in Berlin

30.97 - his best time over the rarely-run 300m, set in 2010. Only South African Wayde van Niekerk and American Michael Johnson have gone faster

31 - the Jamaican turns 31 on August 21

36.84 - the world record for the 4x100m relay set at the London Olympics, Bolt anchoring a team also comprising Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Yohan Blake. Bolt had been part of two previous world relay records, in Beijing in 2008 (though this was later voided) and at the 2011 Daegu worlds

37.58 - Bolt's average speed in km/h (23.35mph) in his 100m world record race. Should you subtract his reaction time of 0.15sec, his time is actually 9.43sec, making his average speed 38.18km/h (23.72mph)

41 - the number of strides it took for Bolt to cover the 100m on his record-setting run in the German capital

44.72 - top speed in km/h (27.79mph) reached during his 100m run in Berlin in 2009, between the 60 to 80-metre mark

53 - the number of times Bolt has run sub-10 second 100m races

195 - his height in centimetres, or 6ft 5in

4.82 million -followers on Twitter

7.4 million - followers on Instagram

18.8 million - follows of his Facebook page

34.2 million - dollars earned by Bolt last year according to a list of the world's richest sportspeople by Forbes magazine

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