AFP Sports list five of the most memorable track races featuring Jamaican Usain Bolt, who brought down the curtain on his glittering career on Saturday.

  • Aug 20, 2008. Beijing 200m

Bolt's arrival on the global stage was confirmed with a sensational run in the 200m at the Beijing Olympics. Just days after winning the 100m in a then-world record 9.69sec, the Jamaican won over legions of new fans by sprinting to victory in 19.30sec, beating American Michael Johnson's long-standing world record. "I worked so hard to become champion and I will work harder to stay at the top," Bolt said.

  • Aug 16, 2009. Berlin 100m

After overcoming a false start in the semi-final, Bolt delivered his best-ever performance in the 100m. Covering the first 60 metres in an unprecedented 6.31 seconds, Bolt did not ease up and in 41 strides streaked through the finish line in an amazing world record of 9.58sec, a mark that will likely be unchallenged for many years to come. He followed that up by bettering his 200m to 19.19sec just days later. "For me, anything is possible," Bolt said.

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