In Summary
  • Despite lack of facilities county has produced many champions
  • Top football teams in region forced to use one private pitch that is considered playable

For over 100 years, Lamu County has been attracting tens of thousands of Muslims from all over the world for the annual Maulid festivities to celebrate the birth of prophet Mohammad.

Muslim faithful from Oman, England, Germany, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan and West Africa flock to the island town for the event traditionally held at Riyadha grounds.

At this celebrations, donkey and horse racing, athletics, football and cultural competitions take place with over 20 teams participating.

Top government dignitaries, a majority of them Muslims, grace these festivities which have become a must attend for all Muslims locally.

It is, however, sad to note that no consideration has ever been made to construct a stadium in Lamu that could not only be used for the festivities but also be used by the youth to nurture their talents.

The dusty Twaifu grounds has remained the only venue for football teams in Lamu among them Diplomat, Jaws, Horo Horo and Alnasir who at one time featured in the unified Coast Provincial League and gave a good account of themselves.


Lamu has over 20 football clubs that are forced to use pitches in deplorable conditions.

These are the pitches that have produced stars like Ali Kombo, Hussein Langra and Nahodha Ali who have all featured in the Kenyan Premier league in the past.

Himdat Mohammed, a Lamu native and student at Kaya Tiwi Secondary won the long jump and triple jump events at the Coast Secondary School’s athletics championship and finished third in the same events at the nationals.

Despite not having any meaningful basketball court in Lamu, Kaya Tiwi girls basketball team won the National Secondary Schools Basketball title in Lamu last year guided by the precocious talents of Himdat Mohammed, Rukia Mohammed, Medina Mohamed and Swabra Abdallah.

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