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  • “We want to improve sports infrastructure across the other six sub counties. This year we have budgeted Sh6 million for upgrading two stadiums on community or public land. In the next financial year we will work on two additional stadiums,” said Alai.
  • Governor Anyang Nyong’o plans to convert Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground into a public space where young people come to relax and to learn sports.

As far as sports infrastructure in Kisumu County is concerned, the most notable development has been the relocation of Kachok Dumpsite that has been a health hazard and an eyesore to football fans accessing Moi Stadium for matches.

The space that has been teeming with street children scavenging on mountains of garbage now has a beautiful public park. The dumpsite has been decommissioned and the county government has commissioned a new waste management plant in Chiga.

The Kisumu County government plans to build a 20,000-seater ultra-modern stadium at a cost of Sh1.3 billion on seven acres of land on which Moi Stadium currently sits.

Being the only standard sports facility in the county, Moi Stadium’s artificial turf is overused and has limited seating capacity. It also lacks an athletics track, and seats for fans.

In 2012, Moi Stadium became the second football stadium after City Stadium to have an artificial turf, thanks to a grant from Fifa. But it is ageing.

County Director of Communication Aloice Ager told Nation Sport that Kisumu plans to build an ultra-modern stadium sports stadium befitting of its status as a city, with promotion of the arts in mind.

“As the third biggest city in Kenya, Kisumu is not benchmarking with any county with regard to sports infrastructure. The plan of the stadium is ready, and we are keen on promoting both sports and the arts to give our youth opportunities to fully utilise their potential in life,” Ager said.

According to Kisumu County Executive for Tourism and Sports Achie Alai, the stadium project will also feature a 500-seater amphitheatre for arts performances and a sports museum to celebrate local sports heroes.

Sh100 million has been budgeted for in the current financial year for the first phase of the project which was meant to start this month.

“The total project is valued at about Sh1.3 billion. We have budgeted as the department for Sh100 million for this financial year. Each year we will allocate a budget for the project, but we are aggressively looking for partners as we move along — both corporates locally and internationally as well as public- private partnerships. We have actual designs and seed money from the county. We have shown our commitment and it's easier to approach partners,” she told Nation Sport.

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