In these situations, the players did not break any rule.

The intention of the player in the first scenario was to pass the ball back to the opponent.

When he knocked his opponent’s ball, his intention was to return the ball. This is not considered a breach of the rules.

The same applies to the player in the second scenario whose intent was to toss his ball to his caddie.

Both players did not break the rule.

I’m not advocating for this method of knocking the ball back to its owner.

It would cause less friction though if the player picked the ball and handed it back to his opponent. It would have raised no issues with the opponents.

Incidentally, the two players lost the holes to their opponents. When they were told of the “breach”, they accepted and moved on to the next hole.

The moment that they conceded, they lost the hole.

The correct way of going about such an incident, especially when there is doubt, is to make a claim and then refer to the competition committee after the round.

The players in the two scenarios should have holed out on the holes and then made claims after the round.

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