In Summary
  • The rules of the game stipulate that such criteria be decided upon and communicated prior to the start of the league.
  • That shall not be done of course and as such we should expect the same shenanigans early next year!
  • These are just a few of the sticking points that bedevil our football.
  • There are too many egos to be massaged and ours is to only pray that the almighty takes them all to heaven so that we can get better!

One step forward, two steps backwards. That is the motto for football management in Kenya. The mire of the composition of teams in the Kenya Premier League goes on and on to the detriment of our football, and none of the combatants seems ready to even blink!

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) insists with authority that the Kenya Premier league must have 18 teams, while the Kenya Premier League Limited (KPL) that runs the league, argues that the 16-team league format is the most logical and more competitive.

Both sides have advanced their arguments over the matter, but we must note that FKF simply replies with the fact that it is the sole body mandated to run football in Kenya and that it is the only body recognised by Fifa.

KPL on the other hand advances lots of arguments as to why the 16-team league is the best. They quote some facts, like what is happening in the rest of Africa and blah blah! Zambia now has a 20-team league and somehow it is still competitive!

These two bodies have been to court now and again. The High court ruled recently that the league should revert to 16-team format. The ruling agreed with the directive of the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) early this year before the start of the league which asserted that the 16-team league was good enough.

FKF didn’t heed SDT’s advice and went ahead to promote Nakumatt and Zoo Kericho! The ruling meant that Nakumatt FC and Zoo Kericho FC were to be pushed out of the premier league.

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