The Rules of Golf have no requirement for people to go out in threes or fours. In any case, if they can conspire in twos, why can’t they do it as a three or four ball?


We have some very important people who play golf. They have a busy schedule it is surprising that they even find time to play golf. They have a lot of work to do, tweets to post, important phone calls to make and fellow golfers to ignore.

They will arrive late at the tee and delay play by talking on the phone when it is their turn to play. At the end of the round, these golfers will make their caddy wait for their pay as they take a “dirty drink” (the drink before taking a shower), take a leisurely shower and go into the sauna.

All the while, the poor caddy will be waiting in the cold parking lot. The caddy will not complain for fear of jeopardising present or future earnings.


The Bible talks of a desirable childlike quality. This is however not endearing when out on the golf course. Laughing heartily at the misfortune of one who has had an air-shot or one who cannot get out of a bunker is not becoming of a golfer.

One piece of advice that I live by to date is that if I don’t have anything good to say about a shot, I shall remain quiet.

We also have golfers who can never remain still even when they are fully aware that someone is about to make a shot.

I was once told by a member of the Nomads Cricket team from Limuru Country Club that they hit a moving amid cheers.

They don’t understand why we golfers demand silence to hit a ball that is motionless. That coming from a non-golfer is okay.

When taught at an early age, the golf etiquette has a way of making ladies and gentlemen out golfers.

For those seeking lessons not only in striking the golf ball but also in etiquette for their children these holidays, many golf clubs have programmes for the juniors. Unfortunately, many older ones are beyond “golf etiquette repair”.

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