In Summary
  • It was a very cold statement at a time when K’Ogalo was facing a ban from Caf for not honouring a tie.
  • Mwendwa can do better than that and also remember there are many corporate bodies that will not sponsor FKF since they don’t trust the people running the body.

A backstreet philosopher has opined to us that most Kenyans are broke.

His humble take is that the cause of this lack of money happened since a tall and majestic animal; the giraffe was squeezed to fit into a one shilling coin!

This clasping of such a large animal there is what has shrank the money in our pockets until we do not know just what hit us.

That is someone’s opinion but whatever the cause, there is just too little cash around and one even fears holding a phone call since it most probably a request for money from friends in distress.

This is the same of our football clubs. The financial conditions are making a mockery of the players’ efforts and keeps them confused all the time.

A big team like Gor Mahia could not raise Sh5 million to travel to Algeria and honour their Caf Champions League clash against USM Alger.

Even after hurriedly organising a belated fundraiser, the cash collected was laughable. It seems the begging bowl has been extended too often to the people until it has numbed them.

In the end, the team travelled with as few players as possible.

The same scenario occurred last year while going to Morocco and the result of the delays in travelling was the knock-out punch the boys got there. It was humiliating to say the least.

This situation will recur again soon should the team progress to the next level.

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