In Summary
  • For this season, Nakumatt and Zoo Kericho have been playing with razors on their throats.
  • They have been honouring matches with a black cloud of uncertainty dogging them due the protracted court battle. Now it is over, those lads should put in even more vigour to stay on the top tier and shame the fiend.
  • FKF and KPL should for once give us a break and solve this issue.
  • There will be no need to start the next season with the same foibles.

The Kenya Premier League season is slowly coming to an end.

It is the time when power plays between the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and the Kenya Premier League Limited usually boils over and we will soon hear screeching sopranos and booming voices underrating each other and showing off.

To KPL, the running of the league is their only job and they cannot stomach the FKF throwing in directives at them. In fact, we at the press could even write the article you are reading now as early as last February and it would still be relevant.

The FKF on the other hand is that parent unsure of himself; he wishes to remind the children the he is their father at any given opportunity. He wants to tell Kenyans that he runs all kind of football in this country and everybody must take commands from him!

For the past nine or so months we could not comment on the squabble over the composition of the teams in the Premier League since the matter was in court and thus it would have amounted to contempt or whatever legal jargon they put to those matters.

The long and short of it is that a former official rushed to court to force the league to be reinstated to a 16 team affair. We do not know what prompted this action since we do not know what the former office stood for in the first place.

When the former office was in power, it tried to force an 18-team league down the throat of KPL with an almost evil energy. It failed to do that. We must remember that this same office went ahead and formed its own league; forced hapless teams into that venture and watered down everything just to flex muscles.

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