In Summary
  • The golfers who are independent aspirants at heart will usually try and pull a fast one by claiming that it is a pitch mark.
  • Now that we are hopefully done with the campaign season, why don’t we enjoy golf without making some utterances that are only fit for people on the campaign trail.
  • If you make a mistake and break the Rules, don’t make some spurious claims. Take it on the chin.
  • A penalty stroke or two doesn’t mean that you are unworthy of winning.

I am so glad that we are done with the campaign period that saw all available walls and poles plastered with unsightly posters.

As if these posters were not enough, the aspirants had to bombard us with loud music and incoherent messages from loudspeakers mounted on their cars.

They seemed to be all over the place and many times it almost felt like the politicians were a cackle of hyenas that were sizing up their prey.

One such loud politician on the campaign trail interrupted my concentration while I was lining up a putt. The song on his loudspeaker was a version of a song made popular by Kayamba Africa that goes something like “Tuthie na mbere… hanini… hanini” (lets move forward just a little).

I putted as the song was playing and I ended up leaving the ball several feet short. I blamed it on the dew on the green but I couldn’t help but wonder if it had to do with the song.

As I was being coaxed by the politician with his message of “Tuthie na mbere… hanini… hanini”, I realised that one of my playing partners was removing what appeared to be a leaf from his line of putt with the back of his putter. He then proceeded to tap an imaginary pitch-mark on his line of putt.

His actions just made me nervous. What looked like a perfectly innocuous act could be an attempt to gain an unfair advantage according to the Rules of Golf.

It is perfectly okay for one to remove a loose impediment on the green.

It is okay to remove soil and sand from ones’ line of putt on the green since they are considered to be loose impediments on the green and no where else on the course.

In removing the loose impediments, the player can use their hand, putter or any other means they like.

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