A few weeks ago, veteran sports writer Roy Gachuhi explained the genesis of the name of the Kenyan national football team. Harambee Stars.

It really came from the blue and hit us right in the face with an unbelievable force!

By 1976 when the name was decreed by the then chairman of the Kenya Football Federation (KFF) Kenneth Matiba, I must admit I was a toddler. I did not even suspect that the name was coined so casually and without fanfare.

Well, I must admit that I have always disliked the name Harambee Stars and I feel it is a throwback to some epoch when it had some meaning. Harambee was the national motto at the time of independence and was popularised by the first president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

It had its golden era and there are many public schools and hospitals that were built by Kenyans pooling their resources and donating towards a good end.

The trend went on for decades until it became the arena of crooked politicians showing off their loot by contributing huge amounts every weekend. The whole concept had lost its meaning and it had become a burden to the ordinary Kenyan.

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